revamping my blog to reflect that i’m now back in north america, and thought i’d keep my old about page here to reflect how excited i was to go on this program ^^

Hi, I’m Nick, and I’m going to Seoul for the summer of 2013 on the NSLI-Y Language Scholarship program.

I’ve been learning Korean on and off for the past three years so online free lessons and immersing myself in their music, television, and culture. NSLI-Y, or the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, is a program by the US Department of State that sends students to various countries to learn their language and their culture, all expenses paid. NSLI-Y has more information on the program, how to apply and the process at

Going to Korea is a dream that I am finally going to realize. This blog might be boring at times, but this is really just a way for me to get all my memories down, so I can look back on it and remember all the things I can about this summer ahead. More than anything, I also want it to become a resource for future NSLI-Y applicants. When I was applying to NSLI-Y, I wanted to read every blog I could and I want this one to help future applicants in their decision.

I’m leaving in less than 24 hours… it all still feels pretty unreal.